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16 June 2020 @ 08:04 pm

everything is public anyway
i just get confused when random people add me/comment my entries?
so yeah let me know.
28 October 2013 @ 05:01 pm
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13 June 2013 @ 08:50 pm
i just feel lately like i haven't got a friend in the world. my closest friends, safyaan, natalie, anna, liz all live so far away from me. at least anna is moving back to liverpool after summer, and so will her boyfriend joe (he's moved out there to spain with her for the next couple of months), who i've been close friends with ever since the first day of uni, but i still miss my hometown friends - saf, nat and liz so much. it's terrible not having your best friends live anywhere near you, i suppose it's something everyone has to grow up and deal with, because we all go different directions in life, but i'm dealing with it particularly badly now uni is over. i thought i was really good friends with a lot of people here but a lot of them have fucked off back to their hometowns without even arranging a goodbye. i'm glad in a way, because now at least i know who's important.

paddy has been such a good friend to me also as well as a boyfriend, but even he lives 2 hours away! urgh! at least i have him moving here after summer too to look forward too. i feel like i haven't got properly chuffed over the fact we're finally together because i've had so many other things on my mind. like having to find a new flat to live in, and finding a job. we properly spoke about us over the weekend at parklife festival, he didn't really ask me out per say, he just said "we're obviously going out and have been for a couple of months now". i feel like he feels the same as me, in terms of feeling without friends, he said he feels like i'm his only friend sometimes and he hasn't got anyone else to talk to about little things like how his day has gone and that, which i think is ridiculous because he has TONS of friends and people who like him, i can't keep up with all his friends that i've met. but i'm glad i make him happy, he says he's never had a girlfriend who is so nice before and does little things for him, like i.e buying coke in advance because it's favourite drink, and it's always had to be him making all the effort. which makes me sad because he deserves someone to be nice to him, at least he finally has now.

well i'm going over to see him tomorrow so i'm happy about that, also i have a job interview AND a flat viewing on monday, if both of those go well then i think i may be a lot happier.
17 March 2012 @ 06:51 pm
i am weak.
08 March 2012 @ 05:56 pm
well i don't say much on here but these are some of the best people i've met in liverpool while at university and i have no make up on and look like poop but look at the great people (except for the black guy in the background i don't know who he is thanks for ruining a cute friend picture)

that was yesterday after we all went to see frans music performance at his college it was a right laugh, saw some proper characters perform including a woman who looked and danced like she was on a hen night, a 30 year old man rapping over never too much by luther vandross and an emo dropping to his knees in a burst of passion while singing don't fear the reaper. frans band was actually great though well done.
21 February 2012 @ 03:10 pm
accidently found myself grinning like an absolute fool when he texted me today
maybe i'm not ready to be "just friends" with him yet
or maybe i'm just really happy to be friends??
04 February 2012 @ 03:49 am
so fucking nervous for tomorrow i'm going to die.
having the "we need to talk" talk.
29 December 2011 @ 07:06 pm
wow i am shit at this. for some reason i rarely post when i am away at university, it's only when i'm visiting my hometown in luton. here is an update on all the different aspects of my life that i could possibly give an update on:
university: SHIT. 2nd year is ridiculously hard. i've recieved a couple of C's this semester, awful I know.
love life: actually surprisingly well for once. been seeing this boy since around halloween, he is nice and we have lots in common. he told me just before i left for university that he wants to have a go at being an ~official~ couple when i come back after xmas, although he was off his tits on pills at the time so who knows.
social life: excellent. a little too excellent, probably has something to do with my grades. i've been on a lot of great nights out with great people this semester.
family life: fiiiine. now that my brother has also moved to the north of england for university i've got to see him a lot more than i did last year. i've been to leeds once to see him, he's visited me in liverpool twice and we've met up in manchester once too.
health: well i've got cysitus right now so bloody rubbish.

that's all there is to say really isn't it? mmmm i will have to write in here more often. toodles.
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09 October 2011 @ 11:35 pm
woah been slacking on this! probably due to moving into a new place then starting uni again a couple of weeks ago. i've just come back from visiting my brother in leeds (which was awesome by the way, leeds is a fun place) and i can't be bothered to type so here are just some pictures from bestival...where i was this time a month ago!

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i know i look busteeeed in these it was a festival i couldn't shower for 4 days...

05 September 2011 @ 09:27 pm
my brother is starting university for the first time soon and he's moving into halls so i thought i'd give him some advice on sharing a flat with a buncha strangers based on my experience last year.

1. the absolute number one rule is DON'T STEAL FOOD.
2. if you're having visitors over let your flatmates know.
3. don't play music loud after 11 (for those with early classes) or before 10am (for those who have late classes and would like a bit of a lie in)
4. if you have a problem with something your flatmates have done, don't leave a note, this is patronising. just knock on the door and politely tell them, you'll get more a response this way too.
5. sometimes your flatmates will have lazy days where they don't feel like doing their dishes or whatever, and you'll have them too. sometimes their lazy days will clash with your cleaning and organising days. deal with it or clean up their mess, don't have a bitchfit because they've left their plates for a few hours.
6. if you're going to smoke weed or do any other drugs, it would be nice to ask your flatmates if they have a problem with this because it might offend them. chances are living in halls you're going to end up with someone who has been sheltered from these things their whole life. i guess this is only applicable with weed because you could do other substances without them knowing but they'll notice the smell of weed. and just don't go doing coke off the kitchen table
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